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Thor's Hammer / Bone in Beef Shank
  • Thor's Hammer / Bone in Beef Shank

    Thor’s Hammer Steak


    Proudly named for resembling the weapon Thor, the mythological Norse God of thunder,  lightening, rains , and the promoter of crop fertility and agriculture!

    They say he used the hammer to fend off the forces of chaos! – and who does not need to fend off chaos these days!!

    These huge hammers are beef shanks, cross cut with the bone in so you can reap the wonderful benefits of the bone marrow just not sliced down. Throw this mammoth in the smoker cooking low and slow, put in a Dutch oven (open top) with potatoes & vegetables and when you're done use the bone for a super rich and nutrient-dense bone broth!


    Price is sold by the lb in weight. Weights vary between 5-7lb steaks.

    Price is $20 /lb and total price  will be adjusted accordingly at the time of collection.



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