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Are you seeing double? Yes, take everything from our 1/8 box...and double it! Double Trouble!


This box is for the seasoned expert! You know you like it and are unapoligectic about it. 


Our box has 100 lbs of B.C' s best grass fed Bison.


  • 50lbs of Lean Ground Bison (in handy smaller 1.5 lb packs)
  • 50lbs of a variety of Mixed Steaks, Roasts and Ribs ; including but not exclusive to; Ribeye, Tenderloin, Striploins (New York), Top sirloin, Flank, Hanger & Minute, Chuck & Triptip Steaks. Roasts can include Cross rib, Chuck, Top sirloin or Eye of round. Ribs can include Short ribs or back ribs. 


Maybe split the box with family and friends to spread the word about BC's best grass-fed Bison meat. 

The Quarter Bison (100 lbs!)

  • We are very confident in the quality of our meat thanks to how the animal was raised, cared for, how the meat was handled aged and packed. If you have issues with our product we will be glad to find a solution and fix the situation 

  • Free shipping

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