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This box is for the All mixed pack of beef, 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 are now sold out until September. We were overwhelmed by demand and we have no more harvest ready animals available. You are welcome to continue to Order the beef - but it will be only available September onwards.If you need meat sooner, we have plenty 50lb ground beef or the 1/8 bison


This product is P E R F E C T for stocking up during the winter months. That way, there will ALWAYS be a staple base to any dish ready whenever you need it. I don't think your ready for these quantities:



  • 100 lbs of Ground Beef (in handy smaller 1.5 packs)
  •  100 lbs of a variety of Mixed Steaks, Roasts and Ribs ; including but not exclusive to; Ribeye, Tenderloin, Striploins, Top sirloin, Flank, Hanger & Minute, Chuck & Triptip Steaks. Roasts can include Cross rib, Chuck , Top sirloin or eye of round. Ribs can include Short ribs or back ribs.


Our box has 200 lbs of B.C' s best grass fed Angus Beef.

The Freezer Pack...but Beef! (200lbs!)

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