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Our paleo ground is made from 75% ground bison chuck, 15% bison heart and 10% bison liver, with an overall fat content of 20%.  That’s it!!  This ground bison blend is complimentary if you are on Paleo diet, Ancestral Diet , Carnivore Diet and any whole food diet.


We consulted with our Paul Saladino (Carnivore MD) on this item.  You can see his thoughts on Carnivore diets here


Packed in 1.5lb packs for your convenience in a 24lb Box.


As always, all our animals are antibiotic and vaccine free. They are grass fed and grass finished. On the land we practice regenerative agriculture, so no fertilisers or additives to the land either! Nothing but Nature!

Bison Paleo Ground 24 lbs

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