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We have taken some of our favourite winter cuts, that makes our most comforting meals up here in the North and put them in a box!


In this Gourmet box you will receive:

5 lbs of Bison Osso Bucco

This is one of Luna’s specialities!

Osso Bucco is the shank or forearm of the animal. The cut includes the marrow bone that brings a depth of flavour and healthy collagen. The key to good Osso Bucco is a long slow gentle cooking.


Perfect for the Crock pot / slow cooker, Dutch oven, or any regular casserole dish.        


4.5 lbs of Bison Stew.

Stew is a comfort pot around the world. Make it a Swiss Bison Bourguignonne (Don’t tell the French!) a Mechado Filipino stew, a hearty Nova Scotian Stew with dough balls on top, or an Irish Bison and Guinness Stew. Can you tell it is a staff favourite, all made the way our mama’s used to make!!  


4 lbs of Bison roasts: it could be chuck, boneless shank, Sirloin tip – perfect for your Sunday Roast.


2.5 lbs Bison / Beef Tenderloin Heads and Tails!

When we cut the tenderloins, the end of the muscle as it tappers off is now kept to be added to these packs. These heads and tails are beautiful to use in a stroganoff or stew. They are tender, juicy, and full of flavour.


3 lbs Bison / Beef Oxtail:

Cut for convenience to make your hearty oxtail soup. Comfort in a cup or bowl!

Gourmet Box

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