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Want to try Bison but not sure you want to invest in 1/8 of an animal just yet - why not try our  Bison Discovery box. 


In this box you will get 

  • Ground Bison ( 1.5lb) x 4 
  • Bison Roast x 1  - 
  • Bison Rib Eye Steak Pack x 1 ( each pack contains 2 steaks) 
  • Bison Sirloin Steak Pack x1 ( each pack contains 2 steaks)
  • A sheet on tips and tricks of cooking your bison meat


Did you know that Bison meat is leaner in fat and super rich in Protein, Iron and Zinc. All our bison is grass fed,  grass finished, slaughtered and packed right here on our ranch in Hudson's Hope in  the Peace river region,  North Eastern BC. 


Bison Discovery Box

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