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Grilled Skewers

This recipe makes 4 portions.

Note: Before cooking this recipe, the meat should marinate for 3-7 days. While that may sound complicated, it is worth the time invested.

Lay the skewers for a couple of hours into cold water which will prevent the skewers from burning too quick on the grill .


  • 800g of Sirloin

  • 2onions

  • 2 garlic cloves

  • 4 tomatoes

  • Parsley, chopped

  • Coriander, chopped

  • Salt, pepper and paprika powder

  • 100ml oil

  • 4 potatoes, large

  • 8 wood/bamboo skewers (30cm long)



1. Ensure that the meat is free of tendons, bone and skin. 

2. Cut the meat in cubes of 30 grams each. 

3. Peel and wash the onion, garlic and tomatoes. 

4. Cut the onion and the garlic in half and into thin strips. 

5. Cut the tomatoes into small cubes. 

6. Season the meat cubes with salt, pepper and paprika. Do not season too heavy as the meat will marinate for a while.

7. Thoroughly mix the seasoned meat, the onion, garlic and tomatoes with the parsley and the coriander.

8. Place the meat in a container that can be sealed (otherwise your fridge will smell of onion and garlic). The tomatoes will act as a natural tenderizer.

9. The meat should marinate at least for three days but can be marinated for up to seven days in the fridge.

10. Peel and wash the potatoes. Cut into thin strips the size of matches. Let them rest in cold water so the starch can come out of the potatoes. 

11. Skewer the meat onto the skewers, so that each skewer has the same amount of meat on it.

12. Heat up the grill - Any kind of grill – gas, charcoal, or wood – will do. If it rains, you can fry the skewers in a pan as well.

13. Cut the rest of the tomatoes into quarters.

14. In a frying pan with high sides heat the oil. You will need quite a bit.

15. Deep fry the well-drained, dried potato matches until they are golden brown. Drain the oil and season them with salt.

16. Just before you finish grilling the skewers, put the tomato quarters on the grill and grill them on the skin side. The meat does not need to be well done; it can be slightly red inside.

17. On a platter, place the potatoes in the middle, the skewers on top and decorate with the tomatoes and a bit of the chopped parsley.

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