1/4 Beef Grass Fattened Angus - 100 lbs

1/4 Beef Grass Fattened Angus - 100 lbs


100 lbs of the B.C' s best grass fattened Angus .. Approximatley 32 lbs of mixed steaks including (tenderloin, striploin, ribeye, top sirloin, flank, minute steaks, tritip, chuck steak) 10 lbs of Meaty Ribs, 8 lbs of Chuck Roast and /or Sirloin Tip, 50 lbs of regular Ground Beef 

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    We are very confident in the quality of our meat thanks to how the animal was raised, cared for, how the meat was handled aged and packed. If you have issues with our product we will be glad to find a solution and fix the situation 

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