Bison Guy

 ...Authentic Grass Fed Meats! 

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  • 100% Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished

  • 100% Antibiotic & Hormone Free

  • 100% Herbicide & Pesticide Free

  • 100% GMO Free  call: 250-783-0879

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Bison is the Super protein, in a league of its own!! On top of being lean and low in cholesterol, Bison is high in Iron, vitamin B12, B6, Niacin, and Zinc. The high iron levels make Bison an excellent choice for both men and women suffering from anemia. Add to that the healthy fats created from grass fattening like Omega 3's and CLA's, the Bison Guys meat is the best 

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See What our Customers Think! 

"We're a tourism operation that operates some of the most northerly lodges on the planet. We welcome guests from across the globe to our lodges and we pride ourselves in serving menus with some of the best ingredients Canada has to offer. The Weder family consistently delivers some of the best protein in Canada - all natural bison and cattle that TASTE better. Our chefs prefer working and serving their product, and we personally stock our home freezers with their product. It's all natural, tastes vastly superior and is healthier than any store bought meat! Well worth the investment."

Tessum Weber - Vernon, British Columbia